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Force Gauges - Australia

We sell and stock Mechanical and Digital Force Gauges in Australia. Push Pull forces can be tested in the range of 2N (200g) up to 2500N (250kg).

When the need to know what compression force or tension force is applied to a physical object, a force gauge is used. Other terms for these forces are the push force or pull force. Testequip supply many brands of force gauges which provide differences in accuracy, resolution and pricing. We are agents for the brands Imada, Shimpo and Starr Instruments. Digital force gauges are more widely used as they offer a cost effective solution to gain greater accuracy and resolution. They also facilitate extra testing features including data recording, high and low limit setting with alarm function, peak hold, tracking, peak to peak and more.

These force gauges can output the result in kilograms of force (kg/f), pounds of force (Ib/f) or Newtons of Force (N). Depending on the maximum test force required, the Force gauge can be supplied with the most appropriate capacity internal load cell. We can also supply mechanical force gauges as sometimes intrinsically safe environments require such a force tester. All our gauges come with a set of 6 standard force gauge accessories that interchange depending on the application. Many other optional attachments for specific test applications can also be ordered additionally.

Our force gauges range from 2N (200 g/f) up to 2500N (250kg/f) of force.

Please contact Testequip to discuss your application and we will be able to assist in the correct selection of Force gauge that meets your needs and budget.


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